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Equipment & Technology

Equipment & Technology

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Investing in today's new dental equipment and digital technology can transform your practice with enhanced capabilities, greater efficiency, and increased patient satisfaction. Henry Schein Dental offers complete office design services, through our Integrated Design Studio; as well as a full line of innovative equipment and technology options. Our Equipment & Technology Specialists are your trusted advisors for choosing optimal solutions, when building and equipping your dental practice. Henry Schein offers delivery, installation, and fine-tuning, as well as preventive maintenance and ongoing service for your practice equipment and technology.

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Treatment Room

Create the Perfect Treatment Room

The dental treatment room is the focal point for practice productivity and high efficiency. It creates a first and lasting impression on patients. A modern, well-equipped, comfortable dental operatory delivers a better patient experience.

The treatment room is where dentists spend most of their day. The design should incorporate ergonomic equipment to ensure the longevity and comfort of the dental team. At Henry Schein, we have an in-house design team, Integrated Design Studio, that provides services from concept to practice and treatment room design to interior finishes.

In addition, our Equipment Sales Specialists can help guide your selection of treatment room equipment for your operatory to achieve your practice vision and maximize productivity.

Henry Schein offers dentists the best operatory room equipment from leading manufacturers such as Dentsply Sirona, A-dec, DCI Edge, Planmeca and Midmark.


Imaging Solutions

Diagnose & Treat with Confidence

Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to helping patients understand their dental treatment plans. Dental CBCT 3D imaging, 2D X-ray panoramic technology, digital sensors, intraoral cameras, and caries detection devices offer clear pictures of guiding patients to better oral health while reducing the risk of high radiation doses. Enhance communication and treatment acceptance by presenting patients with detailed images and confidence in your diagnosis and treatment with the latest dental imaging technology.

You and your team should rely on a partner with the knowledge and expertise regarding the vast array of dental imaging solutions available. Henry Schein’s team of experienced dental equipment specialists helps dentists find the right dental technology – seamlessly integrated into their dental practice – and ongoing support to operate successfully. Learn about Henry Schein’s wide variety of dental imaging units from leading manufacturers, including Dentsply Sirona, Planmeca, KaVo Kerr and Midmark.


Sterilization Room

Manage Infection Control with Confidence Dental sterilization is the top priority in any dental practice. Preserving the health of your staff and patients is crucial when it comes to the integrity of your practice. Your clients trust that thoroughly sterilized dental instruments are being used every visit. At Henry Schein, you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment ranging from dental autoclaves and sterilizers to meticulously designed dental sterilization centers, all from brands you can trust.


Mechanical Room

Trust Your Equipment

Focus more on your patients and less on what’s happening in the mechanical room. The mechanical room houses essential equipment such as dental air compressors, dental vacuums, and dental amalgam separators. Your practice cannot afford downtime; Henry Schein will help you select this crucial equipment for your practice needs now and for future practice growth. We work closely with you to keep your practice running efficiently and in compliance.

Partnering with Henry Schein ensures that your practice runs smoothly with the help of our high-quality, high-functioning, mechanical room equipment. If your equipment happens to fail you, rest assured, our highly qualified team of over 800 trained dental service technicians will respond quickly to minimize downtime.


CAD/CAM Technology

Transform your practice through CAD/CAM dentistry

“Digital dentistry” is transitioning from a catchphrase to the status-quo as dental practices incorporate intraoral scanners, in-office milling machines and design software. Over 30 percent of dentists own an intraoral scanner for digital impressioning (DI), and over 25 percent of dentists provide same-day crowns through CAD/CAM Dentistry. The reason for this growth is that CAD/CAM and DI are mutually beneficial for patients and practices. Doctors can create restorations with an improved fit and aesthetic, which means fewer, faster and more comfortable visits for patients.

To realize these results, doctors and their staff must find a partner with expertise in each step of CAD/CAM and DI workflow. A partner that acts in a doctor’s best interest from the first handshake to the last day before retirement. A partner like Henry Schein.

Also think about 3D Printers for Private Dental Practices
3D Printers provide dentists with a cost-effective tool to expand the scope of treatment options produced in the practice. From manufacturing surgical guides to sleep apnea devices, 3D printing optimizes and simplifies the workflow of specialty procedures by keeping profits in-house and providing faster outcomes for patient treatment.


Practice Management Systems

Henry Schein One

When your dental equipment and software do not talk to each other to share data, it slows your team down.

That’s because technology designed as stand-alone solutions forces teams to re-enter patient data and waste time doing busy work.

We believe dental technology should work together to streamline your practice workflow, not create roadblocks. That’s why we formed Henry Schein One.

Learn how Henry Schein One’s connected practice management systems simplify marketing, patient engagement and management, so you can improve each step of the patient experience.

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