eZ Scan

eZ Scan

eZ Scan is the latest innovation from Henry Schein, designed to provide a simple, error-free connection to our Web site. Now you can eliminate order-typing errors and simplify your stock control with our easy-to-use barcode scanning system.

With eZ Scan, ordering from Henry Schein couldn’t be easier; Simply scan the barcodes, connect your scanner to a PC and click to create your order - just in time for next day delivery.

Henry Schein eZ Scan allows you to capture bar codes for a variety of uses. You can use the scanned data to generate a shopping list, ordering products, or finding information on the Internet; eZ Scan is the easiest data capture device you will ever use. Simply point and click.

Henry Schein eZ Scan can also provide you with control over your stock, which means that you have the right products on your shelf when you need them. By using our barcode labeling system to organize your stock room identifying and ordering items you need is as simple as point and click. It couldn’t be easier!

Whether you use Aruba eZ for Windows, or order online, eZ Scan from Henry Schein is the fastest, most accurate way to manage your supplies.

  • Provides simple & fast inventory management
  • Error free ordering — eliminate typing errors
  • Eliminate product over-stocks using the stock control facility
  • Use your own personal ordering history to create and print bar codes
  • Improve stock room efficiencies by using barcode labels

For more information contact your Henry Schein Representative.

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  EZ Scan