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Aerosol Reduction

Aerosol Reduction

Are Your Patients and Staff Protected From Harmful Aerosols?

Managing aerosols is now more important than ever before. Rely on Henry Schein Brand to provide innovation solutions for aerosol control at the source.

Single-Use Aerosol Evacuator
Single-Use Aerosol Evacuator

The Single-Use Aerosol Evacuator is a disposable device that attaches to any standard HVE connection to provide an effective level of aerosol reduction. The extraoral product placement allows for hands-free suction of aerosols at the exit of the oral cavity, delivering comfort for the patient and ease-of-use for the hygienist or dentist. This low-profile, single-piece device provides minimal interference at the procedure location, especially when compared with intraoral options.

  • Proprietary patented design.
  • Universal size with malleable "wings" that comfortably adjust to patient's mouth.
  • Affordable aerosol control
  • Low-profile provides unobstructed view of the procedure area.
  • Use with saliva ejector

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