Gutta Percha Points

  • Includes length markings for easier root canal obturation
  • Single cone fit
  • Standard length: 29mm +/-1

Paper Points

  • Includes length markings for accurate insertion
  • Points are standard length 29mm +/-1


  • EdgeEndo files do not have shape memory so they will not straighten out the canal (except for EdgeTaper which is not heat treated) thus minimizing the risk of canal transportation.
  • Safe Unwinding: as a safety feature the files are designed to unwind. They may be used until the files unwind backwards.
  • It’s labeled safe because the file unwinds/untwist before it breaks. When the file starts unwinding it signals to the clinician that the file is fatigued and can break if they keep using.


1. What is “Fire-Wire™?”
Nickel Titanium after EdgeEndo’s proprietary heat treatment.

2. What is “Annealed Heat Treated (AHT)?
How EdgeEndo makes fire wire. Annealed means “heat-treated.”

3. What Torque/speed should the Dr’s motor be set too?
Use the existing settings that you’re using for your rotary/reciprocating files. Check IFU’s.

4. Does the torque/speed change with each Edge series?

5. Why don’t my EdgeFile X7.06 gutta percha points fit?
X7 both in .04 and .06 tapers are minimally invasive files, thus preserving thickness of pericervical dentin due to their maximum diameter of 1 mm. Therefore, both require a minimally invasive obturation technique. Using small, less tapered .04 gutta-percha cones. Such cones in sizes 25, 30 and 35 are smaller than 1 mm and allow easy and predictable insertion at working length, without unnecessary coronal flaring and weakening of the tooth.

Using Orifice Openers or increasing coronal flaring permits the use of .06 cones, or .04 greater than 40, but it is a more invasive clinical approach.

In case of X7.06 preparation it is suggested to cut .04 cones to get better tugback in the apical third. In wide canals (size 40 or bigger) use .04 GP cones one size larger (preferably), or flare more.