Henry Schein Thrive Rewards FAQs

Henry Schein Thrive Rewards FAQs

Thrive Rewards FAQs


Am I eligible for Thrive Rewards?

How can I earn Thrive Rewards Points?

How can I redeem my Thrive Rewards Points?

Who can be an administrator on my Thrive Rewards account and what capabilities will they have?

Will Thrive Rewards replace Privileges Rewards completely?

Does a customer have to be enrolled to start earning Thrive Rewards Points?

Is there an enrollment or annual fee for Thrive Rewards?

How can members access the Thrive Rewards Dashboard?

What is the value of my Thrive Rewards Points?

Point Earning & Redemption

Do Thrive Rewards Points expire?

Is there a minimum purchase amount to Earn or Redeem Thrive Rewards Points?

When can a member begin earning and redeeming Thrive Rewards Points?

What purchases will I earn Thrive Rewards Points on and what can I redeem Thrive Rewards Points for?

Can I still earn and redeem Thrive Rewards Points if I have a past due balance on my Henry Schein account?

Is there a limit to how many Thrive Rewards Points I can redeem at one time?

Will I only earn Thrive Rewards Points when ordering online? Will I earn Thrive Rewards Points if I place my order via phone or through my Sales Consultant?

Will Thrive Rewards Points be earned for purchases that are financed, and will purchases that have been financed be eligible for Thrive Rewards Point redemptions?


How do I enroll if I have multiple locations within my practice?

How do I enroll in Thrive Rewards?

When will my Thrive Rewards account be activated?

How can I deactivate a user on my Thrive Rewards account who is no longer employed with my practice?

Privileges Rewards

Will my Privileges Rewards account automatically transfer to Thrive Rewards?

Will my current Privileges Rewards points balance transfer to Thrive Rewards?

What will happen to the current Privileges Rewards Program?

Member Benefits

What are the benefits offered through the Thrive Rewards Program?

Will the Thrive Rewards program benefits be evaluated and enhanced regularly?

Tier Status (Program Level)

How will my member tier status be determined?

Will I be notified of a change in my tier status?

How do I maintain my tier status?

How can I increase my tier status?

Customer Service

For questions about a Thrive Rewards account please contact Customer Service at 1-800-668-5558.